Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Under Construction: 2/10/15

Hey, folks. Sorry about the lack of a full article this evening.

I've been working on a slew of projects this week, including the finishing touches and maintenance to round out this blog behind the scenes. That means my article writing time has been scarce, and this week's intended post still has "WIP" (Work In Progress) stamped all over it. For consolation, though, I will have a Playlist post out this Friday. And, I also intend to publish another full article on the following Thursday, just be warned that it may be a bit long thanks to it's extra-long rumination in my musings. But, be prepared for Unicorns!

Once again, my apologies. May you all have a blessed week!

His Forever. For Him.


And yes, I use the European method of dd/mm/yy. Wanna judge?)

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