Thursday, January 22, 2015


Most fairy-tales and stories have begun with the classically inspired "once upon a time." I could start this blog with that sentence, but how clich├ęd with that be, right? On the other hand though, this is not a story, is it? No. It is simply a blog. A broad view of one's life. A small window by which one may peep into that person's emotions, thoughts, and actions. A summary of a story. Simply put, His-story in my life.

So, how does one start a blog, then? Well, you're asking me.

Do I just drone on about the intricacies of making Kombucha (which I hardly know anything about anyway)? Or how about, well... nothing in particular? That doesn't excite you? Well, to be honest, I'm not thrilled by the sound of that either.

How does this sound: I just start by posting articles right off the bat. "But," you might say, "how does that tell me anything about the author of this blog if there isn't anything about said author?" Great question! The more I post, the more you'll learn about my likes and dislikes. You can learn that by looking at what I write about, how I approach a given subject, or even if I avoid it all together. Be warned, though, I can be tantalizingly cryptic or brutally honest, depending on the topic.

This process of learning about someone takes time, and if you're looking at this blog and wondering, "Do I have time for this?" I can only say this, have patience! I'm a fallen man in a fallen world, trying to use the Gospel to Dispel the Dark and Limn the Light. I may not make the most sense or the clearest argument, but I can at least give it a shot. But, whoever you are, whether known by me or not, please bear with me and my flaws! Every article I post won't ever be perfect, so don't expect perfection.

As for my posts on here, they will certainly be a mixed bag, for sure. All I can say right now is wait and see. I hope that no two will be alike.

I would also like to state now that if you are to comment, please be courteous. I know that should go without saying, but it must be said in this day and age, sadly. Even though I will be moderating the comments, I don't want to deny or stunt a conversation on here because of coarse behaviour or language exhibited through those comments.

Lastly. If you're looking for more information about me or my thoughts on a particular subject, feel free to email me. I won't have the fastest turn-around response, but I'll do my best to answer honestly and truthfully.

I hope to have the first article posted in the next week or so. However, that may change. Till then,

Ad Majorum Dei Glorium!

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